Our E-Aqua series of water based functional coatings for paper, film, foil or other substrates offer a variety of features such as high gloss, matt, anti-slip, water & grease resistance, alcohol resistance, high adhesion, soft touch, anti-blocking, anti-microbial and others for our customer’s top coat requirements. The products offer fast processing and extend the life of printed substrates.

Water based coatings have become the leading technology in the packaging industry as a result of their advantages over other systems such as low VOCs, odorlessness, no yellowing, ease of use, etc. The high quality waxes, wetting agents, leveling agents and other additives used in these products help us control product performance characteristics such as foaming, slip properties , gloss or scuff resistance.

Our R&D team is continuously involved in improving our products so as to enable our customers achieve the edge in the industry by either improving production economies or by enhancing product performance. Empowera E-Aqua range products offer excellent processing abilities and conform to regulations stipulated by various countries. For our entire product range under this brand, click here.

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