Empowera is a leading adhesive and coatings manufacturing company based in New Delhi, India. For nearly 35 years, Empowera has driven the use of water based adhesives, coatings and emulsions in various industries. Our core competency lies in manufacture of high quality water based polymer emulsions and pioneering their use in industrial adhesives and coatings.

What we do

We strive to make a better world by providing innovative and sustainable solutions for specialty adhesives and coatings industry.

How we do it

We push ourselves continuously to develop practical, economic and innovative products for different applications in order to advance our customers’ competitiveness across industries.

Who are we?

We are ‘Team Empowera’! Our people work together as one cohesive unit following a set of principles – value creation for the customer, long-term thinking, innovation, respect and integrity.

Innovation is at the core of why we get up everyday and do what we do. Our customers are competing in an increasingly challenging environment with the end consumer expecting better quality, durability, aesthetics and sustainability in their products. This leads to higher cost pressures coupled with increased competition. Transforming these challenges into opportunities for our customers is at the heart of our innovation culture. Our sales and marketing staff is always on the lookout for such challenges. Our research and development team works closely with the marketing staff to help enhance our customer’ processes using innovative solutions.

We value relationships with our customers that go beyond the products we provide. Providing solutions to overcome challenges and helping our customers successfully navigate the dynamic nature of today’s competitive market is at the core of our values. Offering unrivaled performance and constantly striving to be better through innovation helps us serve our customers better.

In today’s dynamic & high demanding technological and business environment, sustaining good quality while retaining economic advantage is a must for any industrial process. At Empowera, our solutions are aimed at increasing our customer’s production and process efficiency. We do this by providing not just good products, but also, the relevant know-how we have gained through years of experience in the industry.

Our new product developments are aimed at maximizing application speeds while minimizing wastage to enhance customer efficiency. We believe that high productivity, low wastage & higher speeds are corner stones for achieving higher growth for our customers and that is what we continuously strive towards.

As a company, we gauge our success by the impact we have on the performance and long-term growth of our customers. We work closely with the customers to advance our technology and provide them new and better solutions. We continuously adapt & revamp our product portfolio to match our customers’ increasing quality and efficiency demands. Our customers inspire us, they are the drivers of our research and growth efforts and it is with them, we want to continue our successful journey on this path.

Of course, all this is possible due to the mutual trust we share with our customers. We guard our customer’s confidence in us and do not publicize particulars of our work with specific customers. We only take up projects where we believe we can create value for our customers and enhance their competitiveness.

A leading adhesives and coatings manufacturer in India, Empowera offers high performance products with consistent quality. We strive to provide our customers with the latest and most effective technology in all our materials to increase their competitive advantage.

We have a dedicated and solution oriented research staff offering innovative solutions for adhesives and coatings industry. A unique state-of-the-art manufacturing setup enables us to provide innovative products of consistent quality and on-time deliveries. Empowera has received ISO 9001:2008 certification for excellence in manufacturing for many years.

Our water based and UV curable product portfolio along with all ongoing technological innovations is aimed towards increasing efficiency and reducing our impact on environment. Our growth efforts are directed towards making a better society and a better world.

We continuously strive to produce high performance eco-friendly emulsions in order to provide better efficiencies to our customers thereby reducing waste and their impact on the environment. Our low VOC water based and UV curable coatings are aimed towards lowering the emissions in the industries we serve.

Customer Reviews/Testimonials

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Trusted Partners

Delivering superior products with sustained performance over the long term has helped us form long lasting relationships with all our customers. We are a trusted partner of the following companies / brands:

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