Empowera provides UV curable coatings for a variety of substrates to provide finishing of the highest level and protection of the surface underneath. UV coatings cure under UV light by chain polymerization process forming a highly cross-linked structure with seconds.

Our range of coatings provide the customers with different performance characteristics with respect to reactivity, gloss, scratch resistance, chemical resistance, flexibility, viscosity and machineability. The products are made from carefully chosen raw materials so as to enhance safety of use and minimize yellowing tendencies. All our coatings have almost 100% solids, thereby, minimizing VOCs and providing 100% utilization of products.

Empowera also provides tailor-made products on demand as per customer’s requirements enabled by our in-house UV coating and curing equipments coupled with experienced R&D team and well-trained staff. For our product range under this brand, click here. Please see this page for appropriate safety measures to observe when using any UV curable products.

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