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Packaging industry today demands high performance, low adhesive consumption and high bond strength in order to achieve lean manufacturing and better efficiencies. Out products offer our customers high wet tack and fast setting times to enable faster converting speed thereby achieving better efficiencies. The adhesives ensure consistent bonding on a variety of substrates and may be applied via different methods including wheel, nozzle, roller, et al on different machines.

Empowera recognizes the increasing need for sustainable packaging solutions in today's world. As a leading provider of packaging adhesives in India, our products are designed to meet the demands of the packaging industry.

Our adhesive solutions offer high performance and low adhesive consumption, allowing for lean manufacturing and improved efficiencies. With high wet tack and fast setting times, our adhesives enable faster converting speed, resulting in better efficiencies for our customers.

Moreover, our adhesives ensure consistent bonding on a variety of substrates and can be applied using different methods such as wheel, nozzle, or roller on different machines. Additionally, we prioritize safety by offering products with low VOC content to make the packaging safe for end customers.

Trust Empowera's packaging adhesives to provide reliable bonding strength while promoting sustainability in the packaging industry. Contact us now for your adhesive needs.

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