Water Based Adhesives For Carry Bags

In the manufacturing of paper bags, both water-based and hot-melt adhesives play a crucial role. The paper used for making these bags is typically in the form of large rolls. These rolls are then unwound, and the paper is cut into sheets of the desired size for the bags. Once cut, the paper sheets are folded and creased to form the basic structure of the bag. This process can be automated using machinery. 

To ensure secure bonds and maintain the integrity of the bag, water based adhesive is applied to specific areas such as flaps, seams, and edges. This helps hold the bag together and prevents it from coming apart. Hot-melt adhesives are also utilized in this industry for specific areas requiring additional strength.

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ECB 8000

Premium high performance low viscosity adhesive for high speed automatic machines.

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ECB 6000

High performance medium viscosity adhesive for semi-automatic and manual applications.

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