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Footwear Adhesives

Empowera is a renowned adhesive footwear manufacturer and a leading provider of Adhesives for Footwear India. As one of the trusted footwear adhesive manufacturers, we offer a comprehensive range of adhesive solutions tailored for the footwear industry. Our expertise spans over 20 years, enabling them to develop custom footwear adhesive manufacturer India solutions for diverse applications. 

Empowera's portfolio includes products for converters, such as foam to fabric lamination, fabric to fabric lamination, raxine to foam lamination, PU and PUD-based adhesives for final shoe production. With our in-depth understanding of the footwear industry's unique requirements, we excel in delivering innovative and reliable adhesives for footwear in India. If you're seeking a specific adhesive solution for your footwear application, get in touch with us, and our team will provide you with a tailored adhesive for footwear manufacturing.

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