Water Based Inks and OPVs

Inks & OPVs

The shift towards water-based technology is strong and steady. This is all the more applicable in the inks and OPV industry where the products are likely to affect the quality of packaged material used in our day-to-day life. With our eco-friendly product range of water-based emulsions and additives, we are well placed to offer a variety of product solutions and help this shift along. Our mission is to help advance our customer’s competitiveness in their respective industries with superior quality, higher efficiency and eco-friendly ink and OPV solutions.

To achieve this, we offer a range of emulsions and additives for the water-based inks and coatings industry. With our long experience in emulsion manufacture and our focus on delivering customized solutions, we are well positioned to help our customers develop and deliver consistently good quality inks and coatings. For more information, check our product links below. If you want a customized solution please get in touch with us using the contact bar on the right or the Contact us page and we will love to partner with you.

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